Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Recent fashion development I LOVE

I've noticed recently rather vintage looking clothes inmy local highstreet shops, I was jumping for joy when I found extensive amounts of retro looking coutour in Primark, Many people shop in Primark, buy the same gear and look the same, I shop in Primark and then with my creative brain, artistic skills, and my own style I re-invent the Primark goodies. Everyone likes a bargain right? Why spend a fortune in urban outfitters and top shop when you can go to Primark and jazz up the clothes by changing hem lines, adding a few
well placed accessories, a stitch here and there, add ribbons and lace to cover seems to give it a more high end, designer look. Its really not as hard as you think to shop in a cheap, widely used store and still look individual and fabulous. And if you're not a dab hand with a needle and thread then take your ideas to a professional seemstress, and they will do all the work for you, for just a small cost. I'll admitt, I'm not brillient with a needle and thread and have a tallent for stabbing myself and I have sewn a shirt to the skirt I was wearing at the time, once in the past (I don't plan on doing it again). But as they say (though I'm not sure who 'they' are) practice makes perfect. And its not just Primark, if you want less seamstressing to do yourselve and have a little more to spend, New Look has now also atarted embracing the vintage fashion era, so I urge anyone reading this to go and get yourselve kitted up for a retro style night on the town.

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