Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Recent fashion development I LOVE

I've noticed recently rather vintage looking clothes inmy local highstreet shops, I was jumping for joy when I found extensive amounts of retro looking coutour in Primark, Many people shop in Primark, buy the same gear and look the same, I shop in Primark and then with my creative brain, artistic skills, and my own style I re-invent the Primark goodies. Everyone likes a bargain right? Why spend a fortune in urban outfitters and top shop when you can go to Primark and jazz up the clothes by changing hem lines, adding a few
well placed accessories, a stitch here and there, add ribbons and lace to cover seems to give it a more high end, designer look. Its really not as hard as you think to shop in a cheap, widely used store and still look individual and fabulous. And if you're not a dab hand with a needle and thread then take your ideas to a professional seemstress, and they will do all the work for you, for just a small cost. I'll admitt, I'm not brillient with a needle and thread and have a tallent for stabbing myself and I have sewn a shirt to the skirt I was wearing at the time, once in the past (I don't plan on doing it again). But as they say (though I'm not sure who 'they' are) practice makes perfect. And its not just Primark, if you want less seamstressing to do yourselve and have a little more to spend, New Look has now also atarted embracing the vintage fashion era, so I urge anyone reading this to go and get yourselve kitted up for a retro style night on the town.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fashion continued

Fashion doesn't mean the same thing anymore and its only high end designers that still hold the same passion for clothes and glamour. Clothes tend to be simplistic now a'days nothing interesting, no designer details, no intrecate touches to a piece of clothing. Thats why I love Gok Wan, hes trying to teach women how to dress to impress and show that 'you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous'. No one thinks about adding a couple accessories, changing a hem on a skirt, or inputting shoulder pads to bring new life to an old outfit. I see girls on the street that look like they just fell out of bed and threw on the first thing they found on their 'floor-drobe' whether it looked good or just plain repulsive. I make an effort, and make sure that not only does it look good, but i feel good in it and it shows my personality and my own individual style. Women used to lavish themselves with smooth satin and silk, they made sure they always looked presentable and feminine, they would use clip in curlers not curling tongs, and hair straighteners, they wanted to look smarty not tarty, and a below the knee pencil skirt showing yet coverning your perfect pins is way more sexy than a tiny mini skirt, that could easily be mistaken for a glamourised belt. Where small touches meant seamed stockings rather than jeggins. I mean jeggins really, if you want to wear leggins, then wear them, if you want to wear jeans wear them you don't instead find a really cheap, tacky looking mash up of the two. Some mixtures go well like strawberry and banana, but the worst one, by far has to be Ugg boots, if you're working on a farm you wear wellington boots, if you're lounging around at home you wear slippers, you don't, I repeat, don't
mix the two together and then proceed to wear them in public! The favoured idea with this craze is that you buy them a size too big and wear big fluffy socks with them! Women, actually making their feet look bigger than they actually are, what are you doing?! I'm a 16 year old girl, with size 9 feet, you don't want big feet, believe me. I can't get high heals, and all my socks are blokes socks! You have no idea how embarresing it is when youstart dating a guy who can borrow your socks since he has the same shoe size. On the plus side had a friend, Luke who once worked in a bar and had to dress up as a woman, don't ask me why and he needed size 9 stilletoes, gues who he came to first (no prizes for guessing right).

Friday, 11 February 2011

fashion and the youth of today

Fashion and the youth of today
A time where fashion and being idividual with how you dress molded into one and women dressed to show off their assets, but also wore what they thought looked good, rather than just throwing on the same as what everyone else is wearing and pretending to like the monstrosity you've addorned yourselve with. Whether it be forties flapper, fifties polka dot frocks, sixties, business pencil skirt, seventies bad ass rock chick, or eighties ,Madonna inspired, out landish gear. My wardrobe cosists of a collection of the whole lot. Fashion through the ages, thats me, and I'm proud of it, the issue with todays younger generation is that 95% of them are not proud to be themselve as due to such things as peer pressure and fitting in feeling like the weight of the world on a teenagers shoulders. It seems being popular is the most important thing in the world.
Apparently to achieve the popularity status 'needed to survive secondary school' means being totally fake, dressing the same as everyonelese, acting the same as everyone, buying the latest phone every couple months, shaving sections of your head because people tell you its a good idea and so you'll look the same, wear fake tan and an inch of make up because that is what an attractive, desirable girl should look like.Life was simple back then, kids wore hand-me-downs, and didnt seperate themselves into groups such as 'emo', 'chav', 'nerd' and 'indie'. A time where computors were still scary and we didn't know everything.

Retro Girl in a Modern World introduction

Retro Girl In A Modern World
So the 50s would have had me in my prime if i wasn't born in 1994, do you believe someone can be born in the wrong time? well if  anyone does manage to build a time machien while I'm still about I'm going back to my prefered time to live the high life I've only seen when i hit the pillow. You may say its stupid and surreal, not exactly normal for a girl my age, growing up in a world where technological advances are in the news every day, to dream of being a 50s chick but I adore everything vintage. My first car is to be a 1965 Morris Minor 1000 and my wardrobe sports two polka dot dresses actually made in the 60s, perchased at a retro clothes stall at, you guessed it; a classic car show.